manlydeerlings: Thanks. :) i will def be commissioning you in the future btw. Where should i message you about that when i want it done?

Either here or on my facebook page at :)

manlydeerlings: Bro is it cool if i use your zelda designs?

For tattooing if you live somewhere besides australia and cant get them done by me then I dont mind if you get them tattooed by someone else as long as you credit me :)

bloodhounds-on-my-trail: If I ever am near I absolutely will! Unfortunately i am not. If i do end up getting tattoos do you mind if i use your designs? But yeah i love early pink floyd. My favorite album is either meddle or piper at the gates. I have an unnatural love for syd so any thing like the one you did is amazing! I just like seeing your work really xD


bloodhounds-on-my-trail: Do you have any more tattoo ideas for pink Floyd?? I absolutely love your style and am tempted to get one done!

Yeah I had a few more ideas but couldn’t fit them all on the page, do you have a favourite album or like era of pink floyd? I think I was going to do some more dark side/wish you were here ones, but yeah if you’re in melbourne you should defs get them done by me :)